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Our own business is a dream for which we increasingly give up full-time employment. The foundation of a company is usually based on an innovative idea , thanks to which we can stand out from the competition and gain a stable position on the market. However, not only the right strategy, but also the money to start is needed to succeed.

Develop a business plan


  The Polish market is becoming more and more open to beginner entrepreneurs, which is why it is definitely worth trying to create your own company. An innovative idea, however, is not everything – before you invest resources and resources in creating a company, you should check whether this type of activity has a chance for success and profit in the coming years. This is why it is so important to prepare an appropriate business plan in advance. – says Margita Kaczmarek, President of the Management Board of Surat Sp. oo

The exact business plan should contain the goals that we want to achieve in the initial period of activity, as well as the expenses that will be associated with it. The target group of clients and their expectations should also be specified. A good business plan includes market recognition and competitive analysis that allows entrepreneurs to target marketing activities and adapt the product offer to the needs of the market.

Register your company

Register your company


Each company must be registered in the Central Register and Information on Business. Then he gets his tax identification number and REGON number, which serve as company identifiers and are necessary for the majority of legal activities. Entry in CEiDG declares the company as a contribution payer to ZUS and allows it to identify its owner in the Tax Office. Additional formalities to be completed when setting up your own business are also employee insurance at ZUS and at the National Labor Inspectorate, as well as setting up a company account at the bank.

Get ready for expenses

Get ready for expenses


Opening a business carries with it costs, the amount of which should be estimated before the start of operations. The biggest expenditure that a novice entrepreneur is waiting for is to provide a suitable workplace, i.e. rent or purchase of usable space (eg office, hall). It is becoming more and more popular to run a business in your own home, which significantly reduces the fees incurred on this account.

In the initial period, expenditure will also be important for the purchase of equipment that will be necessary in running the business, as well as employment and training of employees.

– The first months of running a company may not bring profits in a satisfactory amount. For this reason, already at the time of starting operations it is worth having money set aside for the first payment for employed persons. – suggests Margita Kaczmarek, President of the Board of Surat.

Money to start



In the first months of starting operations, spending seems to be endless. With limited impact, the funds set aside quickly become exhausted and the entrepreneur often faces a financial crisis. The solution to this type of situation is applying for various types of funding from the Polish government or the European Union. Unfortunately, getting the money to start in this way is very time-consuming and is subject to many formal requirements.

A short-term budget should be repaired quickly and efficiently so that our company has the chance to get wind in its sails in the coming months. Here, investors can help with the so-called “Business angels”. To gain their support, you should first get them interested in your idea. Investors of this type invest their capital primarily in innovative companies dealing with modern technologies.

– Starting your own business very often brings with it unforeseen costs, which contribute to the quick depletion of money put off to start a business . Businesses often turn to banks at that time. Unfortunately, these institutions are reluctant to lend money to companies that can not yet boast of any results. In such a situation, it is worth reaching for a non-banking loan, which is becoming a more and more popular way to raise money for start. – says Paulina Horabik, Managing Director of MonumentFund SA.

Companies specializing in lending money to entrepreneurs allow you to quickly patch the budget. With their help, we will quickly get the funds necessary to buy the necessary equipment, rent an office or to carry out a marketing campaign. The advantages of this type of institution are limited formalities and high flexibility, which allows you to get money without meeting the exacting requirements.

The money for the start of the company is quickly depleted, so it’s a good idea to prepare a few emergency solutions in advance to get the necessary funds, which will be useful before our company starts to earn a living. In this way, we will not be surprised by unforeseen problems. A good solution is to take advantage of an online loan for companies , which allows you to quickly obtain funds to conduct further business – summarizes Dominik Ciula, Sales Manager at Aasa Polska SA.

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