Different Forms of Business Funding


By starting your own business – think about the possibility of obtaining funding.

By starting your own business - think about the possibility of obtaining funding.

Usually at the beginning of the year, Labor Offices have a pool of money to support people setting up their own businesses (they declare about PLN 25,000 for the purchase of, for example, equipment or advertising).


It is a huge help that is fully enough for everything you need to run a good WA business from home. It requires some paperwork and walking, however, dividing the amount obtained into the number of hours that you spend preparing all documentation and going to talks with officials you will notice that the hourly rate comes out pleasant. Well worth it!

Very often women, especially those above 30 years of age, have a much broader opportunity to get the money to start their own business, because they are – truthfully or not – presented as belonging to excluded groups or at least on an equal footing with them. Then, in addition to money for the purchase of equipment, you can apply for a “bridge”, when you are also reimbursed money for the costs of running a business, such as ZUS contributions.

Usually, such funding is proposed by organizations other than the UP, but it is worth checking in your poviat / commune.


Co-financing – where to obtain funds for starting a business?

The table below presents the main sources of funds for starting operations. The program you use will depend on your current situation (age, status, etc.) and location of the investment. Find a subsidy that seems best for you.


Attention! Never register your company before you know what programs you can use and do not apply. Many of them are intended for people who want to start their own business but do not yet have registered business activity.


The most popular options – co-financing activities at the start with funds from the Labor Office and EU subsidies.

The most popular options - co-financing activities at the start with funds from the Labor Office and EU subsidies.

Funds from PUPs are an option only for registered unemployed at the office. There are no guidelines on how long you need to be unemployed. The same application for a subsidy for setting up a company in the Labor Office can be submitted several times – the offices conduct several calls during the year. Money can not be counted on by people who:

  • they have already received a subsidy from the Labor Fund or from EU funds
  • in the last 12 months they have run their business
  • as an unemployed person, they refused to offer a job


labor Office

  • one-off, non-returnable subsidy,
  • The amount of subsidy depends on the average wage in the enterprise sector and ranges from 4 to 6 times such remuneration (usually within the limits of 15000 – 25000 PLN). The UP director can reduce the amount of subsidy.
  • shelf life of 12 months (the company must maintain a minimum of one year).



EU support – subsidy or micro-loan

EU support - subsidy or micro-loan



  • applications for EU subsidies can only be submitted as part of the competition call,
  • competitions are announced by the Marshal’s Office, Development Agencies, Financial Institutions (intermediary), LAG
  • the beneficiary may be an adult person, however, preferred are those for whom the situation on the labor market is not very favorable, ie long-term unemployed, women returning to work after maternity and parental leave, people aged 25 and over 45, as well as people inhabited in the countryside,
  • the maximum amount of subsidy for setting up a company is about PLN 40,000. Additionally, you can receive the so-called bridge support in the amount of up to PLN 1 100 for 6-12 months to cover the running costs of operations, i.e., inter alia, payment of social insurance premiums, rent, etc.
  • a minimum own contribution is required, although there is also a subsidy in which it is not necessary. The amount of the required contribution depends on the program in which we are applying for subsidies, most often 15% -50%.
  • current entries can be followed at: https : //www.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/wyszukiwark…



  • the micro-loan is returnable,
  • the loan amount may not exceed PLN 50,000,
  • may be granted for a period not longer than 60 months
  • the interest rate on the micro-loan is preferential, which means that it can not exceed 8.91%. The intermediary for this type of loan is loan funds selected by marshal offices and voivodship labor offices.

In both cases, it is required to secure the loan subsidy / repayment.


P ROW (Rural Development Program)

P ROW (Rural Development Program)

If you are a resident of a village or a person insured in KRUS, you can apply for subsidies for establishing a company from the operational program “Rural Development” (RDP). Conditions:

  • the company’s headquarters must be located in a rural, urban-rural or urban commune (with the exception of towns with more than 5,000 inhabitants)
  • a new company should create at least one place of work (including self-employment),
  • a grant can not be granted to a person who has been using assistance under another activity within the last 24 months
  • the funds are available to: ARMiR and Local Action Groups, the maximum subsidy amount is approx. PLN 60-70 thousand,
  • Attention! With this type of subsidies, 30-60% own contribution is necessary.



  • Co-financing may be granted to people with a current disability certificate and the status of an unemployed or job seeker.
  • The current amount is around PLN 60,000, although in practice getting such a high level of support is quite difficult.


Loan funds

  • In each region you can find several such funds and each of them has its own rules.
  • funds allocated for purposes related to the establishment, running and development of business operations, including: financing of investments, implementation of new technical or technological solutions, purchase of machinery and equipment, development, adaptation or modernization of production, commercial and service facilities, purchase of materials and raw materials necessary to implement the established business venture.
  • the loan amount is up to PLN 120,000 for one purpose, and the loan repayment period is a maximum of 36 months
  • the minimum own contribution is 20% of the value of the undertaking,
  • required repayment security.
  • A list of loan funds can be found on the website of the National System of Services: www.ksu.parp.gov.pl.


Business angels

  • If your idea is innovative and stands out from the industry in which you intend to operate, you can turn to business angels for help. They are entrepreneurs who invest in your project at the beginning in exchange for a part of shares. They serve not only money, but also experience and support.
  • An example of an institution associating angels is the Amber network, gathering 59 investors: http://www.amberinvest.org/pl/szukasz-finansowania …
  • On the Internet there are many sites which give the possibility to reach the intermediary companies in connecting contacts, for example. Www.symultana.pl or www.aniolybiznesu.org . All you have to do is submit your project and wait for the Angel’s response.


A loan from the bank

  • difficult access for beginners and high acquisition costs,
  • “For the start”, the banks offer only PLN 10,000 – 20,000. The interest rate on the loan sometimes reaches up to 20% plus commission, insurance and preparation fee,
  • Offers prepared for a specific company (various banks – various proposals).


Loans from the EFI

  • loan for new companies with a guarantee from the European Investment Fund.
  • Across Europe, the EIF runs the “Progress” microfinance program and signs agreements with selected banks that will commit the funds. In Poland, they are: Pekao SA and NestBank.
  • loans are granted in the amount of several thousand to approx. PLN 20,000.
  • for people who want to open a business or who do not stay for more than 12 months.
  • The bank decides which application will be covered by the guarantee. The program brings all formalities to a minimum, sometimes just the applicant’s signature. You can forget about preparing a business plan or financial analysis for your company. And most importantly – no additional security is needed.


Government loan programs

“The first business – Support at startup “

  • implemented by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, addressed to high school and university graduates (within 48 months of receiving the diploma) and to last year students.
  • the person does not have to be registered as an unemployed person at the Labor Office,
  • loan on very preferential terms – max. PLN 78 853,40. You have 7 years to repay,
  • the money can be used mainly for the opening of individual business operations and for the reactivation of activities, if not less than 12 months have passed since its closure.

“Loan Fund for Women”,

  • run by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The program, as the name suggests, is aimed only at women.
  • women who want to set up a business in the form of a civil partnership can count on a loan.
  • the interest rate on the loan is only 2% per annum, and most importantly, there is a possibility of a grace period in its repayment (popularly known as credit holidays). Grace period may last a maximum of 12 months, and the time in which to repay the amount obtained is 5 years,
  • the maximum amount of aid may amount to PLN 40,000, but it may not be lower than PLN 20,000. The amount may be up to 95% of eligible expenses.




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