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How do I get a small business loan

Often, the capital required to realize a lucrative business idea, a promising business plan or a new business activity is missing. At least, in theory, there are numerous possibilities for financing: In Germany, the federal government and the federal states, as well as the EU, offer numerous subsidy programs, banks have special offers and there are also many private investors who are just waiting for a lucrative investment. But in practice, it looks different.

Like the proverbial needle in a haystack …

Finding suitable funding is difficult, time-consuming, and no guarantee of success. Ultimately, every potential donor requires a strict set of documentation and supporting documents and wants to be convinced. Not to mention the small print of the individual contracts, which is to be compared, if at all possible. Summa Summarum: A real gauntlet with a completely open exit.

Thanks to new Gandalf applications, things are much easier: There are now financial portals that relieve the applicant of the tedious work and find the right financing form from the many possibilities.

A typical example of such a Tinkerbell application is Gandalf – a finance portal for self-employed, business people, freelancers, financial advisors, and small businesses.

Gandalf is a bank-independent and cross-product online platform: corporate loans are also used in other financial products such as leasing, factoring, mezzanine capital, purchasing, and project finance, private debt. or offered for real estate financing.

With Gandalf platform, access to 220 finance partners and 1,700 subsidies!

At Gandalf, self-employed persons, traders and small businesses receive tailor-made financing offers from 220 financial service providers – notable banks and savings banks – and 1,700 promotional programs at EU, federal and state level in Germany.

The range of subsidies offered to the self-employed, businesses, small companies, and start-ups is particularly large: depending on the investment projects, applicants can resort to more than 1,500 support programs – awarded by the federal government, the federal states, the European Union and guarantee banks.

In addition to being able to benefit from the money, business loan seekers can quickly and easily find the optimal financing solution via Oak Park Financial.

NEW: Faster, fully digitalized corporate loan for financing bottlenecks

In the event of defaults or other financing bottlenecks, self-employed and small companies in particular depend on speed for loans. A fast corporate loan with a binding commitment is the solution. The new Digital (DMK), offered by Gandalf in cooperation with Burbank, exactly meets the requirements for a fast loan solution to overcome financing gaps.

Thanks to the cooperation with iwoca , small loans under € 100,000 are now also possible: Gandalf Cooperation with iwoca: Short-term loans up to € 100,000 also for self-employed and freelancers

The Digital Corporate Loan, a bridging loan from Gandalf, meets the requirements for rapid lending to bridge financing bottlenecks for the self-employed, professionals, tradesmen and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • Bridging loan up to 100,000 euros within 24 hours
  • Bridging loan up to 750,000 euros within 48 hours

Here is a step-by-step guide to action:

In three steps to the appropriate financing:

  1. Register and tender:
    The applicant creates a user account and describes his financing project (call for tenders). If the information entered matches a support program deposited with Gandalf, the company is made aware of this and can directly access the program’s consideration of the offer made by the banks and savings banks. Furthermore, the applicant sets a period until when he expects a response to the call. If you have questions, a customer service is available.
  2. View and compare incoming offers:
    If potential donors (investors, financial service providers, funding institutions, …) are interested in the application, various offers will be received during the specified period. This finds the applicant in his user account.
  3. Select the best offer:
    If the set deadline has expired, the applicant is ideally spoiled for choice. Upon request, the applicant can also request a neutral consultation from Gandalf. Once the decision has been made, Gandalf establishes contact between both parties.

Important: It is worthwhile to enter the financing project (eg business plan) carefully and in detail and to answer all questions truthfully. For example, it is relevant for lenders whether an application has already been submitted to a bank and why it has been rejected. The same applies to the application for any funding. If so, this circumstance will have a positive effect on further development. A carefully advertised project ultimately always leaves a positive impression of the applicant.

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